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    One commission equals one slot- so if one person orders three pieces, that person fills up three slots. If all slots are taken you can ask to be put on a waitlist.

  • Slot 1:

  • Slot 2:

  • Slot 3:

  • Slot 4:

  • Slot 5: 

  • How to order:

  • Before you order, please make sure to have read our Terms of Service. These terms apply to private commissions only. This information is NOT applicable for commercial work, therefore the art can only be used for the client’s personal purposes.  


  • Currency accepted is in USD and can be paid through PayPal. 

  • Commissions can be paid either 100% upfront or split 50% upfront and 50% after completion.


  • The time it takes to finish your commission varies 1 to 3 weeks depending on factors such as health, the complexity of the commissioned piece, other work, and con seasons.

  •   Send us an email and Include the text form somewhere in the message and fill it with your order info:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • GENERAL INFO: Your name: Your e-mail: Type/category of commission: How many characters: Any specific wishes/details you want included: Background: CHARACTER(S) INFO: Character name: Character personality/description(s): Please give me everything you have on your character that you want me to have in mind when drawing them - also characters from series since I might not know them.

  • By sending this order I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of service for commissioning “ARTIST NAME”.

  • You can place multiple orders in one mail, just include the above info multiple times. Please include reference images of your character(s). If there is anything specific you would like me to get inspired from (e.g. environment for background or stock images for poses) please include them as well.
    Send your order to: or

  • All prices below are base prices.

  • PENCILS - $25

  • INKS - $30

  • COLOR - $50
    Additional Characters: $25 each

  • Transactions are made exclusively through Paypal in USD only, unless in person @ comic cons we are attending.Then cash or credit card is acceptable.

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