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It's that time of the year and we're happy to say we're official for Motor City Comic Con!

I will be attending all three days of MCCC May 19, 20 & 21 with a possible appearance by Bushi artist Darryl Anderson during the weekend. This convention will see the debut of my new project, Knight Rangers in the form of a special ashcan preview available only at Motor City Comic Con. This special ashcan gives you a sneak peek at the story, an introduction from yours truly about Knight Rangers and what you can expect. Plus, insight into some of the characters along with sketches of some of our heroes and villains. P.S. Some of you may recognize a familiar face on the cover, if you're a fan of Night Predators. Additionally, we'll have copies of Night Predators available and special Bushi Bundles (Collected sets of the entire mini series) along with the 15th Anniversary special Bushi: The Koto Files. Definitely a lot of goodies on hand for this convention, and I'll be doing commissions too! So, look for us in Artist Alley @ booth C-22 next weekend, we look forward to seeing our fans!! Best, Roberto A

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