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Cons & A Gathering of Swords

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

If you haven't heard yet, we're back in action! Making a return to Motor City Comic Con this week after a two year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic! I'll be attending solo as Darryl Anderson (artist on Bushi) is unable to attend this year. You'll be able to find me in Artist Alley @ Table C-22 where I'll be doing sketch commissions, selling some new original art pieces and copies of Night Predators issues 0 & 1 and the Bushi 15th Anniversary Special. Annnnd speaking of Bushi, although plans for the sequel to the Warrior Caste story have been put on the back burner. Don't fret, you'll be seeing some of your favorite characters sooner than you think. If you've been on the 'gram or Facebook, you've no doubt seen the tease for a Bushi / 2100 Samurai crossover via ours and The Phoenix Press Instagram pages. The idea was proposed by 2100 Samurai creator Nick Gibson. Given both take place in a cyber punk futuristic world laced with martial arts action, it was a no brainer for these two properties to crossover with each other. The story details are still in development and I'll be handling the penciling duties for this epic cross over. Tentative plans are for this special project to drop in 2023! There's more news to come regarding other projects, but for now, I'll save that information for the next update. In the meantime, cranking out some new original art pieces for Motor City this coming weekend, so keep an eye out for me. You might see something you like ;) Best, Roberto A

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