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MC3 Wrapped!

What's good folks! Excuse the slow delay with blogging about our recent MC3 adventure, and my forgetting to post our booth location here prior to going. But, if you follow us on IG then you knew where to find us thankfully! This convention was a lot of fun as we were neighbors with our good friends Terrell Culbert (Last Son Comics) Dave Brown (Art of Dave Brown) along with a surprise return to the convention scene by Bushi penicller and co-collaborator Darryl Anderson! This year our location was much better allowing us to get the Knight Rangers MC3 Ashcan preview into potential new readers hand! And as usual, collected bundles of Bushi sold as expected. On another note, we were intending to have some free Knight Rangers swag on hand in the form of bookmarks. Unfortunately, due to issues the printer was undergoing (relocation and order backlogs) our merch was delayed. However, it finally arrived a few days ago. So, better late than never, and on the positive side, we'll have'em on hand for our next con appearance. There's also more merch in the works to help promote Knight Rangers so keep an eye out for future updates. In the meantime, for those that may not frequent FB or IG, you can check out pics from MC3 here:

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