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Dark Times

As many are well aware, the Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc on a global scale. With the insidiousness of this virus and it's ability to spread like wildfire, essentially all public events, sports, entertainment venues and events have been either shutdown, post phoned or cancelled for the safety of the public and their employees. As most know, we announced our attending Motor City Comic Con via Facebook back in January. However, we were contacted by Motor City Comic Con that they were following suit like many other comic cons nation wide and cancelling their show. We had shared their hope things might resolve before May. But, unfortunately, that is highly unlikely given the ongoing escalation of infections from Covid-19. And, as such, we plan to attend Motor City Comic Con when, and if, it's later this year in the fall or in 2021. In either case, we will look forward to connecting with fans and supporters when that time comes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are impacted by this virus. We are doing our part to help stem the tide of this pandemic by staying home and taking all necessary precautions. We encourage you to do so as well, stay home, stay safe, because it will save lives. Be safe out there, Roberto A

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