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Looking Ahead

Updated: Mar 15, 2021


Hello to all, it's been awhile, seven, almost eight months since our last official update. And, in spite of the lack of being able to work on our projects regularly, due to our day jobs as essential workers. We've still managed to drop some sporadic post via Facebook and Instagram, filled with tid-bits of new art for you. Needless to say, it's been a rough year all around the world. Unprecedented, to say the least.. As a result, many things regardless of industry, manufacturing,education, sports, entertainment, etc.. were impacted. That being the situation, we've definitely had to readjust our timeline for releasing any new projects. Much like the big movie studios, we're pushing back our projected time frame for dropping Bushi: Rise Of The Dragon Queen. We were hoping to have dropped the initial preview issue this year, however, that wasn't feasible. Especially in light of the impact the pandemic has had on everything, especially comic book conventions, where we tend to always release our new books. That said, we're tentatively looking towards 2022 to drop the next chapter of Bushi along with Core Studios: A Look Ahead. With news of a Covid vaccine currently being put to use, it's a light at the end of the dark tunnel 2020 has been. However, based on information that's been released, it's unlikely Spring comic cons will be up and running at the start of 2021. As the consensus from the scientific community is that it'll be early Summer or Fall before enough people are inoculated and things return to some semblance of normality. I think it's a good bet, we'll see virtual comic cons kicking off the convention season for 2021. They proved to be fairly successful this past Summer and Fall. That being the case, if there's a way for us to participate in those, we'll be looking into it. In the meantime, you can expect to see more peeks at concept art and character designs relating to Bushi: Rise of the Dragon Queen and Core Studios: A Look Ahead via our IG And FB accounts. Some of which will consist of art from our newest projects in development: Darryl Anderson's Martial Mystics and Roberto Armstrong's Shadow Knights. Both creators have some very cool stuff coming your way, so definitely keep a close watch on all our social media accounts. For those that don't follow us on FB or Instagram, below is a Bushi Holiday themed pin up featuring Lindsay Matsuda! Courtesy of myself & Bushi colorist Nep! We couldn't let the holiday season end without giving you, the fans some new art to enjoy. Before I close out the final update for 2020, let me say, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to interacting with you all in 2021, whether that's via social media or socially distanced in person at a comic con. Be safe, stay healthy and we'll be seeing you! - Roberto A

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