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Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

We're little behind in posting, but sending holiday greetings out on this last day of 2021 to all our friends and supporters! For 2022 we are planning to attend Motor City Comic Con and possibly the Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention. However, as with all things in our current climate, this is dictated by the ongoing Pandemic. So, depending on where things are by the time of the cons, we'll see if we're able to attend these events. Fingers crossed for sure! Be sure to follow our FB and IG accounts for looks at projects we currently have cooking. There's a lot of cool stuff in the works, especially if you've noted new additions to the websites navigation bar: Martial Mystics and Knight Rangers. Or, perhaps seen some of the new character designs showcased on my personal IG page over the summer :) Once again, we appreciate the continued support and wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2022! Best, RA Photography: TCulbert Photography Model: Jesenia Arocho Avila

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