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Seasons Greetings And What's to Come

First of all, Merry Christmas to all! It's been awhile since I've posted an update on our website's blog. I've mainly been updating via IG and Facebook as both are readily accessible on my mobile device. And so, I'm taking a moment during our holiday break to post the year end update in my office and catch folks up on the latest things we have cooking. It's been a slow going year due to life issues that needed tending to. But, we did make a return to the convention scene earlier this year at Motor City Comic Con (See pics below). Speaking of the con, we've preregistered for the 2023 show and are awaiting final confirmation that we've been accepted. We should have news on that towards the end of January. Should we be accepted, we are planning to give the world a peek at my long gestating passion project Knight Rangers, in the form of an exclusive ashcan for the 2023 Motor City Comic Con! Additionally, this will also see the debut of the official Knight Rangers banner at the show. The designs were recently polled on IG & FB a couple of weeks ago. Of the four designs polled, the group shot overwhelmingly one the popular vote. And work will begin on that soon! In the meantime,keep an eye on our FB & IG pages for more news and sneak peeks at our upcoming projects and collaborations. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and we'll see you all in the new year!! best, Roberto A

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